mr Diagonal's Midlife Crisis (full album out sept 23 2015)

by mr diagonal's midlife crisis



A little taster of the new album, coming out 23 sept 2015
on CD by and on vinyl / cassette here!

Mr Diagonal Midlife Crisis is a celebration of the 40-year itch:
its doubts and delusions, mood-swings, sexual and existential crises.
All set to groovy pop-music and delivered with the British stiff upper lip in the tradition of Noel Coward /Jake Thackray / Divine Comedy.
On this new opus mr Diagonal is joined by 2 accomplices from Black Light Orchestra: Yannick Dupont (drums & percussion) and Quentin Manfroy (electric bass); with special guest Benjamin Clement (guitar and pedal steel). Mr Diagonal sings and plays guitar, piano and vintage keyboards.
This new album, with a pronounced retro flavour, is a parenthesis in the discography of the Black Light Orchestra to highlight some of the hidden facettes of mr Diagonal's tortured soul.


releases November 9, 2016

mr Diagonal / Dan Barbenel : compos, vox, keys
Yannick Dupont: drums, percussion
Quentin Manfroy: bass
Benjamin Clement: guiitar, pedal steel
Anemie Osborne, Philippe Tasquin: backing vocals
Giles Mortiaux: mix



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mr Diagonal & the Black Light Orchestra Brussel, Belgium

"This is not a pipe" band.

Spawned from a macabre christmas pantomime in Brussels 2005, mr Diagonal and the Black Light Orchestra purvey an oddly festive kind of 'dark light music' once described as "Noel Coward on mushrooms"

An unlikely blend of of Scotch pop and Belgian cheese that recalls the best moment of Monty Python, Brecht and Weil and Divine Comedy.
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Track Name: my midlife crisis

My midlife crisis at 42,
I want to **** everything female that moves.
My wife has gone frumpy, grumpy and cold,
and I want rumpy-pumpy before I get old...

My teenage years were oh so dull,
I was obedient, I was so dumb,
now it's high time that I made up for lost fun!

My daughter's school-friends are turning me on,
I'm dreaming of pinafore skirts and pom-poms.
One in particular gives me the hots:
her name is Suzy, she's a real sex-pot.
So one rainy Thursday, the wife's in the bath,
I invite Suzy to walk up the path.
I put Careless Whisper on the new stereo,
turned all the lights way down low...

Because I felt guilty I went to the shrink,
I sat on his couch and told him all that I think:
“my youthful potential has gone down the drain, I've got sex on the brain, I wanna drink pink champagne and eat bacon butties in bed with
Brazilian babes half my age, but instead I'm the slave of my dumpy old
wife growing spinach for kicks when I wanna be scratching the seven-year-itch with Colombian chicks and binging on pick-'n'-mix”

“It's your mid-life crisis” the head-shrinker coo'd, “I know, I'm having one too...

A mid-life crisis can be fun when you get over your dad and your mum:
no inhibitions, you are number one!
So let's go out for some, let's go out for some FUN!..”

We went to the strip club down by the zoo,
who on earth do you think I bumped into?
In stockings and bowler, doing her thing
with a wild metro-sexual boo-boo-be-doo?

Holy moly, it's my wife!
I didn't know that you were like that!
maybe after all you are my type!!

Now we get invited to all the best shows
with our new lady companion in tow.
Her name is Isis, she comes from Chang Mai:
a sweet double Pisces with a glint in the eye.
The crisis is over, till the next one;
meanwhile be good and have fun!
Track Name: rockstar

I'm a Rockstar
High notes, bank notes,
lobster, Florida snow,
coz the mobsters still run the show.

I'm on a roll:
big deals, high heels,
I clock'd ya in the front row,
you're on the roster after the show!

A living legend!
On permanent vacation
and special medication, higher than the sun...

he sold his soul
for the cover of Rolling Stone.
Headlines, white lines,
my doctor, God bless his soul
helicoptered from Mexico!

I'm big in Thailand!
I bought my own asylum,
a castle in the highlands,
an island in the sun...

well what d'ya know?!
He's a rockstar!
When's your next show?
Sold out, burnt out,
you lost it 10 years ago,
then they dropped ya coz you're too old!

Under sedation,
defined a generation,
now you're my private patient,
we're gonna have some fun...

Eat your crumble!
The words are being mumbled,
you've had your final fumble,
you know the kids moved on...

Ho ho ho ho...
A Rockstar!
Well what d'ya know?!
We'll let you know...
We'll let you know....